Northwoods Calendar Digital News Letter

Congregational Care Ministry involves the work of our Pastors and Members to provide care and support.

If you want a personal call or visit from a pastor, support from one of our ministries, or to give of your time in one of our ministries please e-mail Pastor Ann Marie

Our ministries include:

Prayer Chain
Prayer requests are shared through e-mail to our prayer chain of over 150 people.

Care Meals
Meals are prepared and delivered by members following a hospitalization, the birth of a baby or at a difficult time

Hospital Visitation by Pastors and Lay Chaplains
It is our hope to visit every member who goes into the hospital. If you are hospitalized please contact the church so we can reach out.

Neighborhood Groups
The congregation is arranged geographically into groups. Leaders of each group organize two social gatherings a year while also making contact with members around those events.

Home Communion
Home communion is delivered by elders of the church to those unable to attend worship because of health reasons.

Memorial Meal, Coordinators and Hospitality
We provide support and care following the death of a member with a meal for the family, a reception after the memorial service, and coordinators who prepare the sanctuary for the service.

Reach Out
A team of members who make calls to those who have not been active for several months.

Second Family Care Team
In conjunction with Interfaith CarePartners we provide home care and respite for those in need.

We support this Houston organization offering support to those going through cancer treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous
An AA group meets at Northwoods on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon

Sex Addicts Anonymous
A SAA group meets at Northwoods on Tuesdays at 6:30